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From seedling to success: How regular monthly maintenance keeps your WordPress website thriving 

Just like a plant requires consistent watering, nourishment, and sunlight to grow healthy and vibrant, your website requires ongoing maintenance to reach its full potential.

Do you know the feeling when you open your WordPress dashboard and you see a number like 14 beeping in red next to your Plugins section? Then you know the drill – usually, you ignore it until you can’t do it anymore because some of the functionality of your website begins to suffer or you encounter your worst enemy in the WordPress world – the white screen of death. In this article, we will give you some information on why your website needs regular updates.

First of all your website is showcasing your brand identity, products, and services to your potential clients. Think about it – when people stumble upon your website, it’s like they’re stepping into your world, and you know what they say about first impressions: they’re everything! A well-designed and nicely maintained website tells a story about professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness, making potential clients trust you right from the start. By paying attention to the details and regularly updating your website, you show that you care about your online presence and, more importantly, about your clients.

Second of all, you should look at your WordPress website as a plant that needs regular care to thrive. Just like a plant requires consistent watering, nourishment, and sunlight to grow healthy and vibrant, your website requires ongoing maintenance to reach its full potential.

Here’s why:

1. Security

Can you believe that as of 2023, around 810 million websites are using WordPress worldwide? That’s 43% of all websites of the vast universe of the digital world. This number is growing fast – every day, over 500 new sites are being built with WordPress. Website owners choose it because of its amazing flexibility, user-friendly interface, SEO-friendliness, and continuous development. But with great popularity comes great attention too, and WordPress frequently becomes a target for hackers. That’s why you should keep your website up to date with the latest security patches and use strong passwords to ensure your online presence remains protected.


2. Bug Fixes

Updates often include bug fixes to address issues that may have been found in the previous versions. By staying up-to-date, you can ensure your website runs smoothly and offers a better user experience. Timely bug fixes help prevent potential downtimes and error messages that could frustrate your potential customers. In this day and age, a smooth-running website with minimal disruptions is below the line necessity for every business.

Read more about caching: Why is Your Website Slow?

3. Performance

Updates can also include performance improvements, making your website load faster and perform more efficiently. Faster-loading websites are critical in today’s digital landscape, where users have increasingly shorter attention spans and expect instant access to information. Website performance is a significant factor in search engine rankings. Search engines, like Google, consider page speed as one of the most important ranking signals. Websites that load quickly are more likely to rank higher in search results, gaining better visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

4. New Features:

WordPress updates often introduce exciting new features and functionalities that can significantly enhance your website’s capabilities. Additionally, regular updates for themes and plugins are equally vital. They bring bug fixes, security patches, and new features that ensure everything runs smoothly and securely on your site. Ignoring these updates could lead to compatibility issues, potential vulnerabilities, and a subpar user experience.

Our solution:

If you feel that you don’t have the time or expertise to weed your digital garden, we have just the right service for you. Our clients know that we embody our moto that we create beautiful websites fast, but we have a wide range of services one of which is Website Maintenance and Support

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We’ve got you covered with our Maintenance and Support plans that bring you monthly software updates for your website. And guess what? We’re here to lend a hand in sorting out any bugs or hiccups that might pop up after those updates.

Depending on which plan suits you best, we’ve got different support strategies lined up. Curious to know more? Ready to give your website the support it deserves? If you’ve got any questions, just send us a message – we’re here to help!

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A good way to know that you are going into the right direction is to engage users into tests on every important step. At this point, user testing can be performed using simple materials as paper cuts or a basic clickable prototype of the website. Send it to as many people as you can with the request to perform a simple task. You can also ask them to record a short video while they are trying to perform it. A short survey at the end of the task can help you understand every person’s opinion or struggles. Process the results and check where the test users struggle with the task. Discuss with your team what can be done in order to simplify the process and so on.

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