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Take the next step towards independence. Now.

"First Steps" Package

You want to be able to design your website, but don’t want to deal with the tech part? We’ve got you covered!


Goal 1

To have a solid, reliable technical foundation of your website structure that will last.

First steps are usually the most difficult and the question “where do I start” is driving you crazy. We will do the first 10 steps of the process (all technical setups) of your website building so that you don’t need to do any technical stuff. Just focus on your content and design.

Goal 2

To have the freedom to design and structure your website the way you like.

After we are ready with this setup, you will be sure you have a solid foundation for your website and you can start building your design and content on top. We will also give you directions on how to properly support your website and treat it well in the future, to avoid any problems and to keep it running smoothly for the longest time.

Goal 3

To be reassured that your website covers all basic needs in terms of security, speed, responsiveness, has basic SEO to build on top of and more.

Budget-friendly option to get you started. We do full technical setup of the website (hosting, WordPress, plugins), you do customization and content.

What's included?

/ Connecting your domain to your hosting

If you get them from with promo code “webdesh” you get 10% off your order (for new users). We normally recommend buying the middle (SuperPro) hosting plan, but for websites that have less than 20-30 pages – the smaller one could work as well.

/ WordPress & theme installation

/ Installation of standard plugins

Plugins we recommend and use for almost every website (“must” plugins, like a caching plugin, a cookie notice, a backup plugin, SEO plugin, coming soon page, plugins coming with the theme & others)

/ Creation of 1 email account

/ Only now you get the Pro version of WP theme Astra!

if you haven’t chosen your theme yet.

/ Detailed information with useful links

Video tutorials, articles and much more information on how to support**, use, customize and take care of your website in the future.

**Choose to subscribe now for monthly tech support and get 1 month free!

If you decide you will need theme setup, design or filling content into your website, let us know or better yet - go to our request page and we will create a custom offer for you.

Who is it suitable for:

  • Bloggers, creatives and young professionals who want to have their own personal “space” in the digital world
  • Small businesses that need a website soon, but can’t afford to pay for the whole website building right now, but want to be sure the foundation is reliable.
  • Anybody who wants to experiment with WordPress but doesn’t want to deal with the too “techy” sides of it, such as hosting, security, speed optimizations, performance and overall tech setups.


Are you ready to take the next step towards independence?

Take the next step towards independence. Now.

GET your "First Steps" package for 600 BGN now.

* The promotion is valid until February 28th, 2023 if you make a 1-year subscription to our support service.