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Are you looking for a partner-in-crime to help you describe your business in a way that you’re too shy to do yourself? Welcome to copywriting with Webdesh.



To have a partner-in-crime that will help your business "speak".

It happens to the best of us – wanting to say something that sounds both professional and witty, and in the meantime not wanting to sound sarcastic or pushy. Oftentimes it is not because you don’t have the right vocabulary to use, but because you’re subconsciously stopping yourself and being too humble and shy.

Not to worry though, this is where we step in. We will take your ideas and help you put them to words. 

What's included?

/ Consultation

We meet up over a virtual cup of coffee and talk about your ideas and how you picture things. We consult and advise you on what’s best, until we find the perfect solution.

/ Writing

We roll up our sleeves and get to work. Thanks to your insight and our skills, we master the best texts for your website.

/ Correction

It doesn’t always come up just right the first time. After we are ready with the first draft, we  give you time to let the words sink in and then apply all necessary changes to make it absolutely perfect.

/ Finalizing

When we’re both content with the writing, we proceed with some finishing touches to make those texts stand out.

Follow the simple steps and put your thoughts into words.

Our process is easy and straightforward.


which introduces us to your brand and helps us get an idea of what you need.


We process your request

and come up with a customized offer, based on your preferences and needs.


We start working on the texts

and create the first draft to discuss further.


We finalize the texts

and apply the finishing touches to make them perfect.


We hand over the texts to you

and toast it to another great story!

We will help

Put your heart into words

When we find ourselves in times in need, we know we can always trust our partners to support us. They have years of experience copywriting for many different businesses, in many different industries.

Their expertise lies not only in being able to write the text, but also to understand you and your business. To take a personal approach and let you choose how you want to be heard.

So, if you’re struggling with your website’s content, if you need help and support, we are here to help you!

Get your business to talk.

Fill out our form and let history be written.