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How to change images on your website the right way with Polly

If you are interested in some of the best practises for UI/UX

From seedling to success: How regular monthly maintenance keeps your WordPress website thriving 

If you are interested in some of the best practises for UI/UX

How to Effectively Report Bugs on Your WordPress Website

Photo Credit: A well-reported bug is half-fixed Bugs – the unexpected

How to become a productivity master…with Polly

Productivity is not the same as hardworking.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

What to look for when choosing a WordPress Theme...

Website Analysis of Homecourt

Polly says Hello to the YouTube world with a website analysis of

8 Free Illustration and Icon Sites

We’ve decided to make your life easier and share a list of...

Съвети за продуктивност, които наистина работят

Поли споделя своите топ 5 съвета за продуктивност...

Дизайнът от нещата

Какво е за Лори дизайнът от нещата...

There is a Bug on My Website. What Should I Do?

Have a bug and need to troubleshoot it? Learn how...

How to Update Your WordPress Website the Right Way

The best practices when updating your WordPress website are...

How to Speed Up Your Website (Caching Tools)

Caching and tools we recommend - everything you need to know...