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8 Free Illustration and Icon Sites

Design is the application of intent - the opposite of happenstance, and and antidote to accident.

- Robert L. Peters

What’s the great thing about illustrations? They can tell stories in a way that is engaging for the user, by attracting his attention and triggering emotions.

So, have you ever been browsing for hours looking for the perfect illustrations for your design? Well.. Been there, done that.

That’s why we’ve decided to make your life easier and share a list of great illustration packs that you can use for free. So, let’s get to the juicy part:

If you’re hunting for modern and minimalist design resources, The Noun Project is the place to go. It provides over a million icons free for public use with no attribution needed.

On top of this, the website is a delight itself. It’s super user friendly and they’ve surely mastered the UX by creating this feature: you can drag and drop vectors directly from the website into apps on your desktop. Pretty cool, right?

Here is an up to date info on how you can use these visuals – Noun Project Legal Terms of Use.

© Undraw

UnDraw is the home of wonderful open source illustrations suitable for a wide range of content. What we love here is how customizable they are – you can add a specific colour so that the visuals match your brand identity.  

Moreover, all of the illustrations are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) – so you can resize them exactly the way you need to without worrying about their pristine quality. All content is free and open for personal and commercial use. Just click “download” and voila! 

On Undraw License is an up to date info on how you can use the visuals.

UI8 is a treasure trove of 5,531 curated design resources. However, most of the time they come at a price. 

That’s why we want to share with you a great free resource we found there: Illustration Pack – Icons, Characters and Scenes (

If you’re working on a flat design, here you can find a set of over 50 vector-based elements of scenes, characters and shape combos ideal for minimal and modern design. We love that all the sets are SVG, named in order under one Adobe Illustrator file. The great part? They are all free and fully customisable. And you can use them with Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, InDesign and even the old but gold PowerPoint. 

Here’s what the UI8 License allows for, for each Item available for purchase or download on

© Freepik

This amazing search engine contains thousands of free vector images that can be downloaded in various formats – SVG, AI or EPS – it’s up to you and your needs. What’s more – all  provided vectors and illustrations are open source and require no attribution. 

Head out to Freepik Legal  for up to date information regarding the terms and conditions of use.

© Vecteezy

Looking for design inspiration? 

We bet this collection of 650,000+ professionally crafted contemporary vector files (with thousands added weekly) has something for you. Be it graphic design, branding, infographics, app development – Vecteezy has got you covered. The content is royalty-free and you can choose from “free licence” or “pro licence”. If you are a pro member, attribution is not required. 

Check Vecteezy License Agreement for up to date information regarding the visuals.

If you are wondering how to elevate your visual communication consistently – don’t wonder anymore, just check out what Flaticon has to offer. Hint: over 2 million customizable vector icons and illustrations in PNG available for free. Cheers!

Or if you are an artist looking for a place to display his work – you can become a contributor to Flaticon and sell your original design there.

Here is an up to date information on how you can use the visuals on Flaticon Terms of Use.

Here you can find a great variety of vector visuals appealing to your spectrum of content illustration needs. All of them are free for Personal and Commercial usage with attribution.

For more information, head out to their License Agreement and don’t forget to give thumbs up to the artists. 

Figma is well known for its Creative Community. There you can explore thousands of templates, widgets and plugins expertly crafted by the Figma Community for free. 

You just need to create a free account and then you can browse through the rich library of UX/UI kits and illustrations. You can use them locally in Figma in various ways – duplicate or take different parts and mix them- it’s up to you.

While exploring all the free resources that Figma provides, make sure you obey the Figma Community Terms too. 

Here is one of our favourite sets of priceless vectors that Figma offers for free and with no attribution required: Creative Community.

Those were our 8 hand-picked free resources for illustrations and graphic visuals. They are pretty useful to us, and you – would you use them?

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