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The Process of a Website Creation | Part 1

Many questions pop up when we develop a website - from “When are we going to have the speed optimization ready?” to “What kind of urls will we use for each page?”...

Hello everyone. I’m Polly – the founder of Webdesh. Today I’m going to be talking to you today about what the process of creating a website is.

I’m going to be answering the most common questions that our clients have or wonder about. We have been working with clients from big corporations, to NGOs and startups. We create mainly informative websites, e-commerce websites, portfolios and blogs for people from all ages and businesses from all sizes.

In this article we’re going to focus on the tiny details that come before beginning to work on the website. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we discuss the design aspect of a website creation, copywriting and final touches.

Q1: What's the price

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The offer is created based on several important things about your website.

First, what is the size of your website? This means how many pages, how many posts and how many products you want to have on your website. The amount of pages, posts and products reflects directly on the offer that we’re going to give to you. This is because each page, post and product need not only their own design, but also mobile optimization (checking the responsiveness of each page), SEO optimization, image optimization and it just overall makes the website bigger and heavier, which means that we’re going to have to optimize the website even further, so that it has a good performance.

Second comes design. Based on your needs and your budget, we can offer several approaches for your website. We can use a premade theme that has a ready template that you love and we can use it directly, which makes the price much lower and the amount of time needed to create a website – much less. If you want full customization of your website that’s all right as well, it just reflects on the price and also on the deadline.

Third is functionality. What we mean by that is whether your website is going to have an online shop, is it going to be multilingual (more than 1 languages), is it going to be an informational website or you want some specific functionalities like booking, live chat, some specific visualization (such as 3D), or something else to fit your needs.

Fourth is the deadline. The deadline really depends on the three things that we’ve already mentioned, but it can also reflect on your needs. If you need your website urgently means that we will likely have to work overtime to be able to meet that deadline. That’s okay of course, but it reflects on the offer.

Q2: What’s the process?

Many questions pop up when we develop a website – from “When are we going to have the speed optimization ready?” to “What kind of urls will we use for each page?”. Many of these questions are asked at different times, thus we decided to invest our time into writing down our process, so that everything goes into place.

Our process is very simple and it always reflects on the client’s needs. One of the most important things for us to consider in order to create your website fast, is that we’re going to need your information and assistance before we start the actual work on the website.

1. Your Needs, Likes & Plans:
First step is for the client to fill out a form on our website. The form is called “request a website”. We do that because answering these questions is very important in order to craft a first draft offer for you.

2. Offer Time
Second step. After we have your information filled out in the form, we can go to create a draft offer for you. After we send a draft offer it’s the best time to sit down and have a meeting to discuss details about your website, your needs and how we should change the offer, based on what you need and what you expect.

3. Making It Official
Third step. after we agree on the offer, the deadline, the budget and your needs, then it’s time to start preparing ourselves for the website creation. This is the time to sign the contract and receive 50% advance payment for the website.

Thank you very much for reading our article! We’re really happy to have a platform to share our experience with our clients and everyone else who’s interested.

In this article we focused more on the process of deciding whether we’re going to work together. Part 2 of our article is going to focus on our design process and final touches. Stay tuned!

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