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Transforming Dreams into Reality: Your Online Shop Ready in Just Two Weeks! (Real-life case study + Promo code)

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In just two weeks, Reflective Celebration's online shop was live and ready to share its unique ritual cards with the world.

Hey Dreamers! Ready to bring your online store dream to life? Well, buckle up because Webdesh is here to turn that dream into reality in just two weeks! Wondering how we make the magic happen? Let’s dive into the details of our seamless process. 

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In this article, we’re not just sharing insights into our process; we’re bringing it to life with a real-life case study. Get ready for an inspiring journey where Reflective Celebration, with its unique ritual cards, went from concept to a fully functional WooCommerce online shop in just two weeks.

Client Background:

Reflective Celebration, a unique brand specializing in ritual cards, approached our WordPress web studio with a vision to bring their reflective and conscious annual review experience online. Their product, a ceremonial box containing 44 cards, promised a profound journey through key life moments and personal growth.

The Challenge:

Reflective Celebration wanted an online shop that mirrored the essence of their unique ritual cards. They needed a WooCommerce-based platform that not only showcased their product beautifully but also integrated seamlessly with Econt for efficient shipping in Bulgaria. The catch? They wanted it as fast as possible.

Our Approach:

1. Initial Consultation: We kicked off with a detailed discussion about Reflective Celebration’ brand, their product, and their vision for the online shop.

2. Customization and Design: Understanding the importance of a visually appealing site, we chose a WooCommerce compatible theme that aligned with the brand’s aesthetic. Customizations were made to ensure a unique and captivating design that reflected the essence of the ritual cards. We started with the template PainterArtist and the Astra theme as our foundation. While we utilized this template as a starting point, we went far beyond it, we elevated it with customizations that resulted in a truly distinctive design. This journey showcases how a seemingly standard template can evolve into an original website tailored to our client’s individuality.

3. Special Services: To ensure that our client’s online shop is not only visually appealing but also easily maintainable, we seamlessly integrated several practical features.

Bulgarisation: We used Bulgarisation services for WooCommerce, this included integrating the plugin that added functionalities such as:

  • Generation of an auditable XML file for the National Revenue Agency
  • Delivery methods integration with local delivery services Econt. Recognizing the need for seamless shipping, we integrated Econt services, allowing Reflective Celebration to offer efficient and reliable delivery options to their customers in Bulgaria. The client’s primary objective was to streamline the process, and we successfully addressed this challenge through our integration solutions. This way we eliminated the need for manual bill of lading generation. Moreover, this integration offers a user-friendly experience on the website, allowing customers to effortlessly choose an office or address directly from the Econt database.

The Bulgarisation plugin for WooCommerce extends its practical functionalities even beyond this. It includes features such as document generation for orders, invoice generation, and credit memo generation for returned orders. Explore all these useful functionalities here

The Result:

In just two weeks, Reflective Celebration’s online shop was live and ready to share its unique ritual cards with the world. The website not only showcased the product beautifully but also provided a user-friendly shopping experience, including Econt integration for hassle-free deliveries in Bulgaria.

Client Testimonial:

Webdesh helped me start my dream business. They not only built a beautiful website, but also advised me on a few steps in the user experience which are crucial both for the clients and for me as a business owner. They are very understanding and supportive in the steps along the way, I think the most cooperative partner I could have had!

Dilyana Dobrinova, Reflective Celebration's founder

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