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Website creation

Our average delivery time is 25 days. Of course, it strongly depends on your assistance as well (on average we are also blocked by the client for 20 days). This is why to make the delivery time shorter, we ask you for information before we start working (ready copy, images, legal documents, hosting, domain, etc). The full list you can see in the “What information is an absolute must to start working on a website?” question below.


Access to hosting
If you are unfamiliar with what a hosting is, please check our Technology section in our FAQ page.

Access to domain
If you are unfamiliar with what a domain is, please check our Technology section in our FAQ page.

Access to theme
If you are unfamiliar with what a theme is, please check the Design section in our FAQ page for more information.
Regarding the theme access, there are two possible cases:

  • You have chosen a paid WP theme: Due to GDPR regulations, we do not have the right to purchase the theme for you. You have to purchase it yourself and then give us access to the website you’ve bought it from, so we can download all installation files needed. If you have trouble buying the theme, we are always here to support you throughout the process.
  • You have chosen a free WP theme: you don’t have to do anything or provide any accesses in this case, we’ve got this.
  • You have chosen Astra: Astra is one of the themes we usually recommend to our clients, because it has a wide variety of functionalities. It has a free version, but we also have a lifetime unlimited uses license. So if you choose Astra, you don’t have to do or buy anything, we take care of it.

Access to a Google account
We require access to a Google account in order to connect your website to different Google services – a must is Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Here we have 3 possible cases:

  • You already have a Google account, but prefer not to give us access: this is absolutely fine. We will guide you through the process of receiving all necessary codes and files, which you can then send us;
  • You already have a Google account and you are okay with giving us access;
  • You don’t have a Google account: no worries, we can set one up for you free of charge. Then, we use it for the purposes needed and at the end of the project you receive the login credentials.

Legal documents
If you are not sure what kind of legal documents are required, please check the GDPR section in our FAQ page for more information.

Logo and branding colors/book
If you already have a logo, we kindly ask you to send it to us. Preferably in a vector format, such as svg, ai, pdf or other. If you only have a png or jpg, that’s okay, we can make it work.
A branding book is a document that sets distinct guidelines for maintaining brand identity across all aspects of the business. In it, you will usually find your logo and possibly different color variations that are okay to use, your branding colors, fonts and also different rules for how we may use and combine the logo, colors and fonts. If you don’t have a branding book, don’t worry. We can absolutely work without it.

General content
This includes texts and images for all pages that we’re going to create for you.
A lot of people wonder why we need this at the starting point. Let us explain:
If we’re not working with a pre-made design, we usually take different sections from different demos and make all the necessary changes, so that they best fit your content. Very similar to building a puzzle. For example, a certain section might call for a 2-paragraph text, but you only want to include 2 short sentences. We take inspiration from how the big text is styled, but make it work for your 2 sentences. If, however, we have no idea how big your texts will be, we can’t style it accurately.


Access to MailChimp
If you are unfamiliar with what MailChimp is, please check the SEO and Marketing section in our FAQ page for more information.
With MailChimp there are 3 possible ways to go:
1) You already have an account, but prefer not to give us access to it: in this case, what we need in order to set it up on your website, are your MailChimp API Key & Audience ID.
2) You already have an account and decide to give us access to it: great, no CTAs for you here. Just send us the credentials and we take it from there.
3) You don’t have a MailChimp account: you can either set it up yourself and then continue with 1) or 2), or we can set it up for you as an extra service. If you require our help, please let us know, so we can include it in our offer.

Cloudflare account access
If you are unfamiliar with what Cloudflare is, please check the Website Speed section in our FAQ page for more information.
If you already have a website and it’s connected to Cloudflare, we might need access to your account in order to activate the dev mode or make certain other changes as required. If you wish not to grant us access, that’s okay, we will instruct you what changes we need to make and kindly ask you to do them yourself.

We create mainly 3 types of websites:

– Informative websites
– Online shops
– Blogs/Portfolios

We can’t buy these for you due to GDPR regulations, but we can always consult and help you with the process. If you still don’t have a hosting – we recommend that you purchase a medium hosting package (SuperPro) from They have great tools for WordPress and easy-to-use CPanel, FileManager, etc. If you are their new client – in step 4 with the promo code “webdesh” you get a 10% discount on the entire order.

Have in mind that if you already have a hosting and your hosting doesn’t have a CPanel and File Manager access, unplanned expenses may occur because of extra work/unexpected issues on the hosting when we create your website.

Yes! All themes we use are fully responsive, meaning they reorganize the whole website content based on the user’s screen size. Also we make sure we test the whole website on mobile devices and all major browsers and we always include the mobile version of any website we create as part of the package and we don’t charge extra for it. We believe that having a website that is mobile-friendly is “below the line” requirement for any website nowadays. Making your website look great is a major priority for us, not only that we want to make you happy, but we have skin in the game. After all, over 90% of our new clients come from previous happy clients of ours 🙂

It depends on the individual specifics of your project, as we develop custom solutions, suitable for your needs and preferences. We have created the following packages to give you a general idea for the average size, time needed and costs for a website.

1) One-Pager / “Business card” website
suitable for: informative website/portfolio/blog
pages: 1-4 (could be Home, Contacts, About, Services, Hire Me, etc.)
average development time: 7-10 days
average price for website creation: EUR 1,000 – 1,500

2) Small Business
suitable for: informative website/portfolio/blog
pages: 5-8 (more services, blog/portfolio, other things to share)
average development time: 2 weeks
average price for website creation: EUR 2,000 – 3,000

3) Small Online Shop
suitable for: small online shops
pages: 5-8 (with 1 product template, standard shop pages & functionality)
average development time: 2 weeks
average price for website creation: EUR 2,500 – 3,500

4) Corporate / International:
suitable for: any type of website
pages: 8-13+
average development time: 4 weeks
average price for website creation: EUR 4,000 – 5,000

**If you need any extra services they will be added on top. All these packages include 1 language and any extra language adds between 25% to 35% increase to the price.

We do create a personal offer for each of our clients, so if you’re interested in our services, please fill out our request form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

It’s okay if you haven’t cleared the website idea out in your head, we will support and guide you throughout the whole process.

We kindly ask that you fill in our request form with as much information as you could at the moment and we will organize a free consultation with you. The questions are structured in a way that allows you to understand the question and provide an answer from your point of view. Sounds good? 🙂 We hope to hear from you soon!

  • All hosting & domain setups
  • All installations, theme & plugins setups
  • Creating the whole website structure (menus, links, pages, widgets, etc)
  • Beautiful design customized to your needs and liking
  • Filling out content
  • Fully responsive website (looking great on all devices and screen sizes)
  • Security checkups
  • Basic SEO
  • Life-long friends that will always be there for your business & website

For every website we create, we include basic SEO optimization, meaning: we connect the website to Google Search Console (so that Google can find your website more easily) and we place descriptions, titles and set up good-looking URLs on your pages for every page/post/product we create (using a plugin, normally YoastSEO or RankMath). We do this for free for every website since when you share it or people look for it on Google – it looks more representative for both you and us. This is why we won’t even ask you if you want the basic SEO – you will get it :). If you want you can stop us – just let us know in advance.

There are too many resources and information to share here, thus I will forward you to this link here and here. From these resources you see – we take care of the links, descriptions, titles, mobile version of the website (everything connected with the website creation in the beginning) and the rest is – how often and how much you invest in your website on a daily basis.

For further SEO optimization, we would recommend either contacting a professional SEO guru, or investing in content for your website and GoogleAds since the result might be much better for the money.

Our process is easy and straightforward. Here are the main steps we go through with every website:

0. Meet and discuss: we meet and discuss your website request. Normally, after the meeting, if we both like each other we send an offer that we can discuss, finalize, approve and move on to signing a contract.

1. Receiving all information we need from you to begin: please read the previous question to learn more about what this is.

2. Website building process and delivery: After you have your information ready, just let us know (do not share yet) and we will continue with signing a contract and invoicing you for 50% advance payment on the whole project. Then, we start working on the project. In short, our process is:

  1. We will provide a link to a shared folder to give us all the information we need;
  2. WordPress setup, Plugins setup, General technical setup;
  3. General design setup: we finalize every page and every section of your website’s look and then set the colors, fonts, templates, etc.;
  4. HOME page draft: we start by showing a draft of the Home page, since this is the most visited page and the first thing the user sees. Finalizing the Home page gives us important directions on how to proceed with designing the other pages. Be patient here and give us some time to be creative – it will be worth it as it would boost our speed for the steps forward;
  5. TEMPLATE post/product draft – In the meantime, we will be working on the one page/post that you will use as a template (depending on the site this could be a blog post / portfolio post / product / service page / etc.);
  6. Design of other pages: takes 1-2 days per 1 page on average;
  7. Mobile version (responsiveness) – Once the whole design is ready and the Desktop version is approved, we move on to checking the responsiveness of the site – how it looks on different screens and browsers;
  8. Other languages (2-3 days per language on average): In case the site has other languages, after finalizing the entire 1st version and design of the site, we move on to the next language;
  9. Final technical setup: plugins, caching (speed), basic SEO, preparing the website to be “launch-ready”;
  10. Finalizing the website, delivery to client, final payment and documentation.

Yes! For every client we provide an individual documentation, in which we explain:
– how your WordPress website works;
– how to navigate in the admin panel (i.e. where your pages, posts, menus, general settings are);
– directions on how you can update your website;
– directions on how you can add new posts/products/portfolios, etc.

If you choose to support your website on your own, this documentation will be more than enough to help and guide you.

WordPress training

We go through the whole WordPress admin together. You can check in details on the WordPress Training page.

Yes, we have planned to have up to 1 hour Q&A session included in the price, so that when you start working on your website and the questions start popping up, we can be there for you.

Yes, you get a 20% discount on the training if we have created your website.

Payments, Deliveries & Returns

In general we receive bank & card payments. For more information please check our Terms & Conditions.

Most of our services are virtual products or services and the delivery is executed by sending you information / access over email. In this case, please go to the specific service page and also check our Terms & Conditions. If you have more questions or if you have purchased a physical product from us, then please read further in our Terms of Delivery of Goods.

Most of our services are virtual products or services and the delivery is executed by sending you information / access over email. In this case, please go to the specific service page and also check our Terms & Conditions. If you have more questions or if you have purchased a physical product from us, then please read further in our Terms of Delivery of Goods.

For most of our services we have either mentioned an average time estimate on the service page or on our Terms & Conditions. Please visit them to check the specifics of the service you are wondering about. For services like Website creation, the time estimates and deadlines are established in a contract between the client and Webdesh EOOD.

If you have purchased a physical product from us and you need to return it, please check our Return Form and send it to us, filled and signed to [email protected]. If you have bought a virtual product or service from us, please check our Form for Refusal of Services.

You can do that from your account on our website or you will need to fill out the Form for Refusal of Services. In any case if you have any problems or questions, please contact us on [email protected].

In any case if you have any problems or questions, please contact us at [email protected].