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Become independent. Now.

WordPress Training


Goal 1

To gain the independence you need. Understand the inner workings of WordPress, themes and plugins.

Do you want to be independent? In other words – are you able to take sh*t into your own hands and feel free to experiment with anything whenever you want? We stand behind that and we can give you the basics you need to get started!

Goal 2

To be able to experiment freely, without being self-conscious and afraid you are going to break something!

We fully support all of you, who decide to take care of your website & experiment by yourself. We are really into motivated people who take things into their own hands and aren’t afraid of trying, mixing things up & troubleshooting.

If you are ambitious, brave and want to learn more about WordPress and your website, then the WordPress Training is the right thing for you!

What's included?

/ A 4-hour one-on-one training, where we show you everything you need to know about WordPress and good practises about plugins, security, SEO and themes

/ A 1-hour per request Q&A session in which you can ask all the burning questions, whenever you need to

/ An all in all pleasant and educational experience for both sides involved

Are you ready to take the next step towards independence?

Our process is easy and straightforward.


Have in mind that the training is focused on WordPress and its admin features, it does not cover other softwares/CRMs or specific themes.


We arrange the time for the online training.

We split the training into 2 separate 2-hour sessions for convenience and focus – to be able to test what you have learnt in the first part and ask questions on the second call.


We send you useful materials and tutorials.

At the end of the training you don’t go empty-handed. We give you information to be able to get back to when needed.


Call us for a Q&A session when you need to.

You have 1 hour Q&A session included in the price that you can use whenever you need up to 1 year after the training.*

* Due to Covid-19, we hold training sessions via online conference calls using GoogleMeets.​

In other words …

Who is it suitable for?

  • People with some or even no technical knowledge at all
  • People, who are determined to learn and expand their knowledge base
  • Anyone who is interested in WordPress and how it works
  • Overall, this training will be good whatever background & age group you belong to

    If we have created your website – you get 20% off the WordPress training.

    Be independent. Now.

    Get your WordPress Training for the price of 600 BGN (VAT excluded).