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Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2020 | Part 1

All of these trends can be found combined or separate in many websites. They may be the basis of the whole design or just a small part of it...

Have you ever searched online and noticed similar features or colors on different websites? Maybe you have, but did not think much of it. This is actually because of the web design trends! Just like in any other industry like fashion or art, worldwide trends can greatly affect web design. They involve different colors, design elements, the way a website is structured, and many more. I am here to tell you more about the top 10 web design trends in 2020 so far!

We’ve split this article into 2 parts, so that it’s easier to read. Read more about the first 5 now and come back next week for the second half!

Dark Mode

Ever since Apple introduced the new dark mode on their devices, it seems like many websites decided to try it out. Web designers switched from bright colours to dark ones, even solely black as the main color of websites. This trend might be popular because of the relief it can be to the eyes as most screens release less light when in dark mode. But let’s be honest, it just looks so cool! How can you not want a dark mode for your website?

Creative Illustrations

Creativity and art has been a life savior throughout the quarantine. Fun illustrations have also emerged to be a popular trend throughout numerous websites. Some companies may use icons made with the so called “hand-drawn” technique, while others prefer using big illustrations as a centerpiece in the website. Elisabetta Calabritto, an illustrator, graphic designer, and icon designer, said on twitter:

Some of her work on the topic is presented below:

We could all use this online boost of creativity!

3D Elements

Creativity does not have an end this year. Next on the list are 3D elements, which started becoming popular in 2019, but now they are more in than ever. Many artists like Bruno Simon chose to make their portfolio in an interactive 3D way. It almost resembles a computer game.

Such websites are very entertaining to review and definitely grab the eye. Other designers chose to use this technique in the standard way a site is structured.

They make very impressive designs that are just fun to look at.


Minimalistic design has always been catchy and easy to look at, so it is no surprise that it is trendy in 2020. Often used for portfolios, it makes the information on the website stand out, rather than the actual design. So, it is used to prioritise the content of a website, rather than the design, but still looks stunning.

Pastel colors or a black and white palette make the minimalistic look even more intriguing.

Combining Photography and Graphics

Photography is a great part of web design, but it has become even more popular in recent months. If you look at our website, you will see a few places where we too combine photography and graphics. This design method creates different layers in the website and contributes to a more gripping website look.

Ultimately, all of these five trends can be found combined or separate in many websites. They may be the basis of the whole design or just a small part of it, but in the end they make web design a whole experience for the viewers of websites.

Those were the first 5 design trends of 2020. Stay tuned for part 2 – coming next week!

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