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How Are Current Job Opportunities More Modern and Innovative than Before?

As society continues to change, a load of possibilities may occur that we don’t even suspect. Just as people living before us, we might be amazed by what the future holds.

We all have a role in society – a little piece that contributes to the whole world. In a way everyone contributes even a little with their piece. A great part of this contribution are our jobs – something we are good at and we are sharing with people around us, or maybe even far away. Jobs have been around for a very long time and they have shaped the society we live in and its structure. But as the years pass, this society changes and, in turn, our lives, hobbies, and job opportunities change. This leads to asking the question: what and how exactly did it change? How are current job opportunities more modern and innovative than before?


Flexibility is a key factor that almost every modern day job position would offer. It is a factor that has an impact on the way we construct our time. Maybe often neglected, flexibility can have a major impact on the activities we are involved in. Currently, anyone who has the desire and effort to put in can take the chance of working as a freelancer – a job where you can find your own clients and make your own schedule. This means that you can work remotely from anywhere in the world you desire to!

At Webdesh, we have a culture that we can work from different ends of the world, freelance or core team – both. Here is one example of how our founder worked for a month in Asia last year. I don’t think our grandparents would have even been able to imagine such work conditions back when they were our age. At that time, working hours were strictly followed every day.

A flexibility that they also lacked was being able to change the field you work in. Nowadays, people are able to experience the colorful spectrum of job opportunities that the world offers. Sometimes the possibilities seem endless!

Changing fields

Another advancement we nowadays have is always being able to change the field you are working in, although it can require a lot of effort depending on where you are with your career. The more time you have invested in your job, the more you would need to get into a different field, but it is possible. While a few decades back, people usually had to work what they have started for the rest of their lives.

In our team we have Lori – a highschool Maths student, studying law now, while also training for a designer and doing marketing for a small client. We have Bisi – a Japanese studies graduate, who has worked as an HR previously, creating websites and communicating with clients in the present. We also have Polly – a startup enthusiast, mathematician with MBA, doing our sales and creating websites as well. Some of our former teammates include a psychology student doing WordPress websites and studying JS on a side. It’s wild but it’s also fun to have such a diverse team.


Working remotely is a perk we all can enjoy, but it is not the only advancement we have. Technology’s incredibly fast growth has changed the way jobs are. We are living in a time where a vast majority of jobs can be influenced by artificial intelligence. It increases the productivity of people while demanding less effort at times. To be honest we are looking forward to the day, when we can ask Siri or Alexa to create us a new website for our new initiative. Or even we can guide the AI to create the best, most beautiful website / mobile app for our client based on their wants, needs and likes. Thus the need of skills shifts from more technical to more psychological in order to please the client and their needs in the most effective way.

Although technology can have a great impact, it can leave millions of people without a job. In the US, supermarkets have opened where not a single staff member is required. People can come in with their accounts, take what they need, and an AI automatically charges an amount of money from their card. This reduces the amount of work that needs to be but in the supermarket. A world where the more physically hard jobs are replaced by AI would enable people to grow in more advanced jobs, but the transition to such world would leave a lot of people without a craft that they contribute to society with.

It’s cool that there are many great companies and startups realizing these aspects of what people are looking for in a job and how they need their company culture to be a good fit to their personality. This changes the way people are looking for a job as well, not only the job itself. An amazing example is our partner Noble Hire. This is the platform where the job ads and company profiles have all the information you need to know about your future employer – product information, key company achievements, internal culture, work methodology, even who your team lead would be! The other cool thing is that not everybody is in there – just the companies that treat their employees great and thus they have a very strict vetting process. If you want to work in one of the best IT companies in Bulgaria – check them out.

Current job opportunities have definitely changed compared to a few decades ago. People can create their own working schedule and conditions. They can also change the field they are working in and ease the job flow with technological advancements, although they have certain disadvantages. As society continues to change, a load of possibilities may occur that we don’t even suspect. Just as people living before us, we might be amazed by what the future holds.

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