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Services That Offer Promotions and Freebies

At a time like this, our only means of survival is supporting and helping each other...

Hi guys!

At Webdesh we don’t only think of you as our clients, we think of you as our friends. That’s why we’ll always try to do everything we can in order to make your situation easier. We believe that we can only pass through this if we stand united together.

The Corona virus outbreak has not only injured our health – it has injured our businesses and economy. It has taken so much from us, but it’s finally starting to give back – the clean air, our beautiful waters, the birds chirping.. I know this sounds unnecessarily optimistic in a time of crisis, but it is what it is – we can only embrace our situation and find ways to make ourselves better and to make IT (see what I did there eheh) better.

Today I’m going to tell you about companies that offer web development and web design services and products, which are offering discounts & freebies, so you can always have your web presence afloat, even in a time of crisis.

Superhosting is a Bulgarian company that offers hosting services and domains. Considering our field of action, you can probably imagine how many hosting services we’ve been in contact with (hint: a lot!), but I have got to admit – there has not yet been a single hosting provider that is more responsive and helpful. Here’s how to get a good deal with Superhosting:

  • They often offer big promotions for new clients. For example, you can snatch yourself a super deal with Superhosting’s 2 for 1 annual hosting subscription - you receive 2 full years of hosting for the price of 1.
  • You can also get your domain at a very discounted price - so .com or .bg - you decide!
  • You can use our promo code “webdesh” that offers an extra 10% off your subscription for any new client! (just insert it on step 4 of the process)

© Envato

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but pays us a % out of your purchase if you buy an item through our link. Thank you for the support. We would only recommend services and tools we use and truly believe in.

‘Tis the heaven for the tech geeks, who are always on the look for cool new features and plugins. Pss, that’s also where you get our beloved Jupiter theme.

A really cool thing about Envato I recently found out about was the Monthly freebies – every month they issue a selection of free themes, plugins and other tools you can get for free that would otherwise be paid. The only thing you need to do is set up an account and you’re good to go collecting your free items!

If you can’t find anything you need at the moment in the freebies section, be sure to check out their March sale, which offers 40% off your themes, plugins, graphic design tools and many, many more digital assets!

One of the first things you see when you go to is “Design anything” and they took that quite literally, since it offers all sorts of graphic design tools and templates you can use and customize according to your needs. Starting with cool and trendy post templates for Facebook and Instagram, going all the way to menus, calendars, programs and basically any other means of representation for you and your company.

Everything you see on our Instagram feed is actually designed in Canva, as well all the cool menus & prints for Nonna’s Kitchen.

What’s so great about it is that you don’t even have to pay for anything. Of course, there are premium templates, stickers, images, etc., but the free library is so rich that you can always find something useful and save that coin.

They’re currently offering to try Canva Pro for free for 30 days, so if you really need to design something right now and are on the lookout for a free option – I absolutely recommend checking it out!

P.S. Whenever you’re downloading something, a quote pops up while you’re waiting for the download and I personally find that soooo cute!

That’s like the dollar-store equivalent of a website for graphic and web design tools!:D You literally need one font, and yet somehow still end up spending 2.5 hours browsing through their contents looking for dat deaaal.

The only thing that bugs me sometimes is that it tends to send you over to third-party websites that actually own whatever it is you want to get, so you have to download it from their website. But – that’s the downside of our hassle, amirite?

If you’re a creator and would like to submit a freebie, it’s super easy and a great way to get more recognition!

Overall I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re on the look for an icon or a cool font.

If you’ve even been interested in technology stuff, you’d have heard of Udemy most likely.

If you haven’t though, Udemy is a platform for online courses where you choose your course, get it and learn whenever you have free time or you feel like it!

Since we’re stuck at home currently with all the outdoorsy activities prohibited, I think it’s a good idea we spend our free time not only chilling and getting fat (any resemblance to real persons and events is accidental **cough** me **cough** :D), but actually developing our skills. Aaand that’s where Udemy comes in handy. I realise that’s not quite the best time to be paying for online courses and whatnot, but hear me out – Udemy actually has free courses as well! So just choose what kind of course you want to dabble in and then choose “Free” in the filters. Don’t hesitate and go get that knowledge for $0;)

They are currently offering some huge promotions as well (over 90% discount) on their courses until March 27th, so it’s a nice opportunity to snatch yourself something useful for a cheap price.

A couple of courses we recommend are Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course (recommended by Polly) & The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp (recommended by Bisi). Go check them out today and get them for as low as $10.99.

Of course we have to get in on anything good in the world (thanks to our wonderful Polly), so that’s why we too offer you a discount during these hard challenging times! Now it’s the time to show creativity, humanity and support between each other. So let’s work hard not only to stay safe, but to stay productive and find new ways to be successful and fulfilled.

The least we can do to support businesses during these unstable times is give 30% OFF for every business, directly affected by the crisis, that submits a new request on our website (click) from now until the end of April.

This means every small shop that needs to close, but is looking for ways to keep cash flow and is moving to online selling; every travel agency; every bar & restaurant; every event organizer – everyone that was forced to close business until the outbreak is over. We are here for you and we are ready to support you!

As much as I tried to make this article light hearted, we want you to know that we do care and that we’re not only here to make websites and earn money – no, we’re socially responsible and are always doing the best we can to support all of you! The good we do always comes from the bottom of our hearts, not our pockets. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss something!

Leave a comment below with other ideas you might have of ways to stay afloat and continue with your life and business! We can’t wait to trade ideas hihi:))

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