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LimeChain Careers

LimeChain provides blockchain & DLT consulting and development.

With more than 150 projects, the LimeChain team has proven to be impactful, understanding and professional. Their areas of expertise include Decentralized applications (dApps), Smart Contracts, Blockchain tool development and more.

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Design by Webdesh

Execution time
2 weeks
Price range
Extra services
Custom design creation and implementation into theme
Overall we are happy working with WebDesh. They understood our needs and managed to do the work within the initial deadline. The communication was straight-forward and Mirela was easy-going & always within an email distance :)
Margaret Chongarova

A mint of creativity

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We are working with a wide range of clients. From tech startups to conventional businesses; small companies to big organizations and investment funds. So far we have created over 100 projects. You can see some of them highlighted here and more in our portfolio page.