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Fresh Direct

Think Fresh – Go Direct! Fresh Direct is a premium food distributor in Bulgaria with over 11 years of experience in the business. The people at Fresh Direct aim to select the freshest high-quality products and to deliver them to the market. Their everyday goal is to find ways to improve and fulfill their customers’ needs. Their portfolio includes various products, selected from renowned European suppliers that have been their partners for many years. Among the highly recognized are their milk products, fresh pasta, meat delicacies and antipasti.

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1 month
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Multilingual website (WPML setup; English and Bulgarian languages)
Very good understanding of the brand they work for, focus and perfect process management. Thank you, Polly and Bisi! They say that in business fast fishes are successful, not big ones.. Webdesh helped us swim fast!
Rositsa Hristova
Marketing Director

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