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Conversations On The Edge Of Silence (COTEOS) was founded by Peter Wrycza. Over the years, Peter found his work with people resembling more and more a kind of conversation, sustained by deep listening – a ‘conversation on the edge of silence’. Nowadays Peter provides Sessions, Programmes and organizes events in relation to COTEOS.

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2 weeks
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WordPress training
I am really grateful for the way Webdesh helped me create my website. Polly and Bisi were friendly, supportive, and professional throughout. They respected my need to move at the pace my other interests and responsibilities dictated, while being right on it when I was ready to move. They were extremely helpful with both the aesthetic and technical side of things – quick to try things out and ready to adjust suggestions until we found the right result. They listened well, and found a way to understood my not always clearly expressed needs, translating them into a look, feel, and functionality that have delighted me and those who have viewed the site. I am very happy with both the process and the result, and look forward to continuing the relationship for other sites I am involved in. I highly recommend Webdesh.
Peter Wrycza

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