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Mila Land is Mila Grigorova’s Wonderland. She trusts in the beauty of detail, the power of good and love as the true motivator for achieving everything important in life. Some people are destined to write, some to sing, others to draw. Mila creates happy places. She saves broken furniture and gives it a new life. Through her website she shares her reality hoping that it will all make sense.

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Starting my own blog was something scary for me, bacause I was always afraid of the "technology" behind it. As a creative person, I have really bad times understanding how the tech part works. That's why it took me more than two years to get started, but thanks to Webdesh, I now have the blog I've always imagined. The team is extremely professional and patient, and somehow turned me into someone who knows how to update plugins, post like a pro and have the confidence to post on a weekly basis not only articles, but video content as well. I can't be more happy with the end result, and I'm forever grateful to the entire team!
Mila Grigorova

A mint of creativity

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