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Entrepregirl is an entrepreneurship competition for girls and young ladies, ages 16 to 25. If you are daring enough to show your project idea, they will give you valuable feedback, help you connect with international top level professionals and introduce you to a community of young motivated women.

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1 week
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To develop a website in a week that inspires hundreds to get to know themselves in a cause - that's the experience from our work with Pavlina and Webdesh. They created the sites of the Digital Development Initiative EDIT, as well as the entrepreneurial initiative competition for girls Entrepregirl not just as professionals with good technical skills. Pavlina was co-pilot in the development and optimization of the concept and greatly contributed to the success of the projects. I know we will work in the future with Polly and Webdesh. They create a cozy and comfortable web-home of ideas.
Sasha Bezuhanova

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We are working with a wide range of clients. From tech startups to conventional businesses; small companies to big organizations and investment funds. So far we have created over 100 projects. You can see some of them highlighted here and more in our portfolio page.