Full-grain bread for a full life

At the heart of Vita is the full-fledged flour gathered in itself the benefits, taste and energy of the whole grain, as nature has gathered them, in a perfect balance.

More about Vita

Vita has been making bread for more than 70 years. They believe that good bread should be very delicious and, at the same time, it should make us feel complete, energetic and happy. Therefore, they created the real whole-grain bread, in which they combine all the beneficial properties of the whole grain with its rich and characteristic taste.

Vita uses high-quality whole-grain flour for Vita bread. They select the best grain cultures and grind them in our own mills. This is how they make sure that all the essential and valuable properties of the grains are preserved. There is a reason why their mills are made of stone – this is an ancient classic technology that does not destroy the beneficial elements during the grinding process. This method is slower and more expensive, but nothing is more important for them than keeping the natural richness of the whole grain.

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