Personalized cashback for your loyalty across your favourite brands and businesses in town. Just connect your card and you are ready to go.

More about Reloyalty

Welcome to the future of loyalty – engaging, automatic and personal to you, as it always should have been!
Linked To Your Card Purchases

No need to change how you do things. Just link a card you already use and we will do the rest.

Personalized Status In Each Brand

For every brand you love you are different and should be treated differently, the more loyal you are the more special you become.

Dynamic Cashback

Real value for every purchase, in the form of cashback straight to you card, dynamically calculated based on you status.

The Brands You Love in Your Pocket

Seamless to observe all you favourit places in town and how they recognized your loyalty.

Every Loyal Interaction Is Recognized

Whether you make a purchase, bring friends or recommend the place, you are rewarded.

Save, Spend, Invest, It Is Your Choice!

What you do with your cashback is up to you, spend it, make a saving goal, allocate to charity, put something aside for a desired purchase. It’s you lifestyle!

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