Gato Cafe and Bakery

“When we opened Gato for the first time, we didn’t have any concept for bakery set in stone, we didn’t want to copy your typical French bakery. We knew we wanted to create a unique place, different in spirit and style. It was a wonderful time, but also very challenging.”

More about Gato Cafe and Bakery

In the beginning, we didn’t exactly knew what we were doing. We wanted to be creative and to frequently change the menu. Thankfully, our customers guided us and led us forward! They wanted sandwiches and cakes and cookies, so we baked them. They wanted us to stay in their neighborhood, so we did.

In Gato we strive to bake seasonally. The choice of cakes, cookies and salty pastries will vary according to time of year because we want to use only the best products. We choose the fruits and vegetables we cook with very carefully to ensure maximum flavour and freshness. We use Bulgarian flour, milk and eggs, but we use the finest Belgian chocolate and butter and we source our honey, walnuts and tahini from small local producers.

Личностите и страстта на нашия екип са тайните съставки, които правят Гато специално. Създаваме невероятна храна, пълна с живот и характер. Обичаме чисти вкусове, прости комбинации и вдъхновяващи продукти, съчетани с топла и приятна атмосфера.”

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