Dogma Kaizen

“Dogma” was inspired by the directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Winterberg, who created a document-making manifesto – Dogma 95 in the mid-1990s. And they conquer the world. With their style, with their courage to be different and the passion for change. Kaisen is a business term of Japanese origin, meaning “constant striving for improvement”.

More about Dogma Kaizen

This is where Dogma Kaisen comes from – a production company focused on the overall realization of corporate and commercial films, music videos, event scenarios, and place plans for “big cinema.”

Diddy Enakieva – founder

Diddy was born in Sofia, 28.07.1988. In 2007 she graduated from Sofia Mathematical High School and followed a management course in Denmark. In 2008 she became a student at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, specialty “Screen Studies and Journalism” (Cinema). During his studies, as well as his work in television broadcasts, Diddy gained experience in scriptwriting.

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