Beauty by Nadya Sivkova

Nadya Sivkova is one of the top make-up makers in Bulgaria.

Teaching also in the field of art includes makeup diplomas, master classes, graduate education as a set designer, make-up artist, graphic designer.

More about Beauty by Nadya Sivkova

Her love for makeup was finally formed in 2009, shortly afterwards she began work for the giant M.A.C. Cosmetics and is the youngest member of the brand team in Bulgaria.

Career tips include working with the best and most wanted photographers and filmmakers in Bulgaria and their team of talented stylists, hairdressers and models. She has worked with brands such as MAS, Catrice and others. The work was published in VOGUE, Vanity Fair, GLAMOUR magazine, Cosmopolitan and many others. There are also numerous shows and interviews in TV and online fashion editions.

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